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NameTerrific API is RESTful, easy-to-understand and highly reliable. You can use NameTerrific API to programmatically update your DNS records and domain name settings. If you request approval, you can even instantly provision new domain registrations!

Are you a developer?

 This documentation is intended for developers (web, mobile and desktop) to automate domain name tasks, extend NameTerrific's functionality or resell our products. If you just need to manage your domains, our web-based management platform is already designed for productivity and ease of use.


NameTerrific API is still in Beta. This means that the features may not be complete and the documentation may not be able to cover all cases. Extra caution must be applied if you are manipulating production domains using the API.

Let's get started!

We are working hard to make this API Documentation interesting to read. It's divided into these sections:

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