A public letter from Ryan, the Managing Director of NameTerrific

The inevitable end

It has been exactly two years since I started NameTerrific as a solo founder with the vision to change the domain name industry. In a way NameTerrific has revoluntionised how people manage their domains. We have introduced a very user-friendly interface for managing all your domain names, and a super scalable Anycast DNS infrastructure.

Unfortunately, lacking marketing skills and experience, I failed to scale the business beyond a small niche of web designers and developers. My new startup CoinJar has also diverted most of my attention away from delivering new features and improvements to NameTerrific. The revenue numbers are not too terrible but they still don't warrant hiring more people to develop this platform.

Without my full-time care, I'm certain that NameTerrific customers have experienced a significant decline in responsiveness and quality of customer service since December 2013. I have been struggling to allocate more time to service an ever-growing customer base, while being extremely busy with everything else. I'm truly sorry that NameTerrific's product and experience did not live up to your expectations.


What's next

I'm fully aware that running a domain name service has a lot of responsibility. Therefore it's not my plan to totally shutdown the platform in the short term. NameTerrific will not be accepting new registrations or transfers, but you can still manage, renew or transfer away your existing domains.

Meanwhile I will continue to look for ways to help existing customers. Every dollar NameTerrific has ever made will stay in the company to ensure that all services will always be fully operational, including the NameTerrific control panel, API and TerrificDNS Anycast. All my personal domains are still registered with NameTerrific and I use this website very frequently.

You're free to transfer your domain away to another registrar who may be able to provide a better service. Hover, IWantMyName, Gandi and DNSimple are a few good registrars I would personally trust. You can request your EPP code easily from NameTerrific control panel, and we will unlock the domain for you automatically.

If you have any pending transfers or failed registrations, you can request a refund easily. All refunds will be processed by Peter starting from 8 March 2014.


Want to buy NameTerrific software?

The proprietary NameTerrific platform is now available for sale. It includes custom-written code for billing (Braintree, PayPal and Bitcoin), the entire DNS management system and TerrificDNS Anycast (server and management console). I truly believe that NameTerrific can have a huge potential if a capable team can take it over, and I can't wait to hear your proposals about how you can execute better. If necessary, I can also do limited consulting on weekends for modifications, maintenance and training.



I can be reached at [email protected]. As I receive a huge volume of emails everyday, I appreciate your patience as I go through every one of them. If you're just looking for a refund, you don't need to email me as the refund request system will be a lot more efficient.

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Best Regards,
Ryan Zhou
Managing Director of NameTerrific